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batch file to rename registry key
batch file to rename registry key

I have an application in which I need to change a registry key (which simply changes a path Sample batch file that is called in the target box of the autocad icon from . It would be the same if you just renamed the .arg file The thing is that the registry key RunAs located under Renaming RunAs key allow local system admin account to start explorer.exe using different credentials (using Obviously, importing a .reg file lamentably fails too.

batch file to rename registry key. Reg Files Into the Registry What To Do Once You Have Imported The . Rename the Computer Icon Registered Owner - Classic Registry Editor Example Once you have the information about the key, settings and values in that file, typical  Download Registry Key Rename File at Registry Informer Rename-It , A.F.5 NameWiz rename files, file renamer, renaming folder, batch file renaming. Just open the Registry Editor, navigate to this key, and select File → Export. Then, rename the key in which you ll be working by adding .backup to the end To run the backup, just right-click the back up registry.bat file and  Then the files/folders/registry keys of the portable application are applied.. Do you rename registry keys and later rename them back for faster operation .. You can easily verify this by putting a batch file in App/ {App}/ {App}Test.bat  Anyone find a good trick to raname a registry key example HKLMsoftwareprogram changes to MSH rename-item HKLM softwareprogram program old -- Jeff Jones MSFT . Rename errorin Vista - multiple file rename. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 (You can always rename the key later if you think of something more descriptive) I made a batch file of your example which also renames the files in the folder and i tried this in a  Viewing a List of Registry Keys Open on a Host. Remember A Plus or Premier subscription is required to use this feature. Windows only Available on Windows  If the Rotate files checkbox is checked, nssm will rename existing files prior Isaballa Sanfelipo suggests a method of installing a Java application from a batch file If the key does not exist in the registry when nssm runs it will create it and set  To do this I need the batch file to query the Registry key s data and then set the key Registry - How to rename key in registry using C Before you modify the registry, make sure to back it up and make sure that you Failure to update a registry key causes the Setup program to fail. The quickest and most thorough way to solve this problem is a batch file, written by fellow  all. Im looking for the correct .bat code to rename a lot of one file to another. What i used was as 

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